Care Navigation

What is Care Navigation?  

When you feel ill and you ring your GP practice, you want to see someone as soon as possible to help make you feel better.  

Sometimes, the GP (doctor) might not be best person to see. It could be the GP practice pharmacist, the physiotherapist, a mental health worker or a practice nurse. In some cases, your GP practice might not be the best place at all and it could be a community pharmacy or optician that is more appropriate. 

For this reason, our receptionists (also known as care navigators) have been trained to help make sure you see the right person depending on your medical problem. They may ask you some very brief questions about your symptoms but will not try to diagnose you or offer medical advice.

You can help by providing some information so they can offer you an appointment as quickly as possible with the right person in your GP practice. This may be with your GP or another member of the practice team. 

Any information you share with a care navigator will remain confidential.